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1932 Ford 5 Window, Roadster, & Tudor Sedan Dovetail Kit



1932 Ford 5 Window, Roadster, & Tudor Sedan Dovetail Kit

Have you been using the “import” male dovetails on your doors? After you’ve closed the door a few times has the thin stamped stainless dovetail collapsed? Are your doors always out of adjustment and hard to close? Are the “import” dovetails too short to fully engage with the door jamb dovetail?

Then you’re in luck! Our new Walden Speed Shop billet stainless steel male dovetails solve all of these problems. The WSS dovetails are taller than all other dovetails. This allows for full contact and engagement with the door jamb dovetail. Full contact and engagement holds the door in the correct position. The full contact of the WSS dovetails allows the door to open and close with ease. The overall height of the dovetail can be customized to your doors by removing material from the dovetail top to tailor the dovetail for your application. Experience how the doors on your car are supposed to open and close!

As always…these and all Walden Speed Shop parts are made in the USA!